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420 bunny me?

Reliving high school this weekend as a total stoner...

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Snowbunny me tries on 420 bunny me for the weekend?

I don't have the rack to be a pothead hottie...

I am going to be SO STONED

So, it’s pretty well established that I like to play in the snow, am in love with the white girl, etc., etc. Well, this weekend I’m doing the Time Warp back to my high school daze with a couple of old friends.

With the legalization of weed in Canada, these two potheads want to give me the full-spectrum experience. Not that being legal matters to me obviously, but because this is stuff I can find in the gov’t run weed outlets (when the stoners haven’t picked them clean for weeks to come, hehe) they’re, well…

I am going to spend this weekend STONED OFF MY ASS. Baked as fuck. 420 babe, except I don’t have the rack to pull that look off.

From being euphorically wasted to apparently highly alert and cognizant to munchies city to sleep aid/painkiller, to, well, horny and fucking to compare that fun run for one spun bun to my white girl, to the whole nine yards.

I remember in high school smoking up just had me goofy, sleepy and masturbating. Not that that is bad, but I like the perky alert me most of the time. 420 wasted all the time I’d never get anything done.

Not that I do now, but you get the idea.

Will let people know how 420 bunny me turns out.

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