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My exercising my inner acquisitiveness and love of luxury by (foxy) proxy.


(Anyone who doesn't think that cocaine is a (sex) toy hasn't tried it, and shouldn't if not.)

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The Ferrari First, Of Course!

The sisters were gifted, as a belated birthday-celebrating their deflowering present, one of their fathers' previous favourite automotive indulgence (until recently moving up to the newly-released Ferrari f355 Berlinetta, the series being set in 1994), this iconic 1985 Ferrari 328 GTB, which Ajani Swanepoel had returned to the scuderia almost a year previously (and so out of sight, out of mind) to be completely refurbished and returned to its original condition and finish.

Possibly just not quite too fast to kill themselves in, given the quantum leap in sports car performance since this classically beautiful Pininfarina-designed Berlinetta was produced, combined with its handling and grip. It is definitely the object of much joyful squealing and bitchy bickering as to who gets to drive it first, next and always.

Teen beauties in a bright red Ferrari?

They are so going to be popular and laid, if they weren't destined to be already.

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