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Slippery When Wet.

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Exploring The Taboo Without Shame or Blame

Here at Ethical Smut, one of our main principles is that we don't choose our kinks, and that in an effort to destigmatize sexuality in all its (consensual) forms, that fantasies shouldn't be confined to what is socially acceptable, so long as they remain just that — fantasies. A safe outlet for one's desires.

That what would in no way be acceptable in practice is fair play in the realm of the imagination, so long as it remains firmly so. We can't help what turns us on and what doesn't, and being ostracized for it is just another way in which society has shackled our libidos.

That said, there are certain kinks or predilections that I will not be exploring, whether or not I believe in the freedom of imagination. Either because I would not be comfortable being seen as advocating them, or simply because they don't turn my dial.

Or, in the case of BDSM, both because it's not for me and because the erotica market seems flooded with it, so I'm trying to be different even if it might cost me some pennies by neglecting it.

On the other hand, I have some personal kinks that are likely not for everyone. Many of my stories may feature drug use, for example. Again, I remind the reader that this is fantasy, not reality. I in no way advocate drug use, despite being something of a snowbunny. In fact, I strongly discourage anyone from such behaviour in real life.


One example that springs to mind is not only rape fantasies, which are more common than some might suspect in my experience, but can also go in some pretty sensitive directions, based on racial or cultural issues. I may even dip my toes in some of these waters. (If you can't guess at the sort of scenarios I am hinting at, at least I can say you were warned.)

Incest is another topic I have been exploring and once again, without advocating it but, according to my principles, refusing to censor anyone's fantasies. In time I suspect that the relative popularity or lack thereof of certain of my stories will further inform me as to what people out there want to read, and I may adjust my focus accordingly.

But, and I repeat myself because I cannot stress this enough, what I consider fair play as part of peoples' fantasy lives, particularly when stimulated by stories, in which no real people are in any way involved or harmed, as opposed to porn or other media in which people might be in any way degraded, which is anathema to me, I might and probably wouldn't ever condone in real life.

Where people are concerned, consent is the key and is in no way negotiable. Which means, of course, that minors, who are by definition incapable of giving consent, are strictly off-limits, and that anyone engaging in such abuse needs to be locked up at the very least.

It's a very fine line separating exploring the taboo and appearing to endorse certain behaviours, but it is one which I have elected to explore. I hope that I'll hit the right notes, and that this and other disclaimers will inform my readers (or potential readers) accordingly.

For now though, I am a beginner to this sort of thing, struggling to balance my views on social change, specifically with regards to destigmatizing sexuality in general, and sex workers in particular. I welcome any and all feedback on any of the topics I've touched upon in this post, and wholeheartedly encourage any open, healthy dialogue which may result.

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