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choose your own erotic adventure?

Hashtag #chooseyourowneroticadventure or #CYOEA for short.

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Remember These?

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I specifically remember The Cave of Time, but all of these and more novellas, published under the Choose Your Own Adventure imprint were, effectively, solo table-top role-playing before the Internet or that MMO thing offered lonely nerds an outlet for their imaginations when there were no other nerds with polyhedral dice nearby, period or just today.

Well, being both a horny nerd and a role-playing enthusiast (erotic and otherwise), I've decided to offer my own pervy, swervy take on these classic tales.

That's right, Choose Your Own Erotic Adventure, hashtag CYOEA for short. I've even launched a new imprint to differentiate them from my usual horny stories, called Dungeons & Decadence or D&D for short, though I kinda sorta can't trademark that last. But it's catchy and familiar, no?

In short, you, the reader take the part of Lenorae, a plucky young Half-Elven ingenue just embarking on her adventuring career. Through each book you will be faced with dramatic branches where, by selecting the option that appeals to you (or annoys you the least) you will determine her fate, success or failure as she discovers the wide world, exploring its perils, opportunities and yes, pleasures.

Occasionally she will be accompanied by her otherwise flighty and unreliable dragonet friend, Vindaloo. (A dragonet is a miniature dragon, and an awful pun like that is traditional in role-playing oriented fantasy literature.)

Otherwise she'll meet new potential acquaintances, friends, enemies and of course lovers. She's beginning the first book, Hidden Treasures of the Emperor's Harem (hashtag #HTEH) a virgin, not entirely clueless but certainly inexperienced.

So please, buy these books when they're released and get the poor girl laid!

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