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co-writing a book?

I am looking for authors willing to try, contact me if interested.

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Title pretty much sums it up

I am curious about the notion of co-authoring a book or short story with another author of erotica.


I wonder about the dynamic, the process, the other's inner and outer voices, how we'd settle on which kinks and taboos, the story arc, who would do what and how would we divide it up? Different characters/voices? Different scenes with the same characters, etc?


I would love to try this, so if any other #amwriting #erotica types are interested, please let me know!


As this is something I am pitching, and I am most likely going to be the junior collaborator in terms of published works and experience, whatever the case, I am more interested in learning and sharing and the experience than I am in profiting financially (I am so bad at profiting financially, it's a good thing I don't need to write to eat) so I would be amenable to any split of sales you care to suggest, from 50/50 to 0/100.


Hoping for nibbles!


While I'd had nothing but a few tentative nibbles from my fellow writers of smutty stories and been, if I'm honest, quietly disappointed by this, my best friend and writer of serious, meritorious non-fiction has agreed to co-write with me... Silver & Gold, My first attempt at a full-length novel, no less!

I'm all kinds of excited and still open to other writing partnerships, be they one-off or an attempt at something ongoing. Just hit me up here or on Twitter and we can talk terms, themes, methods and whatever else co-authors need to iron out.

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