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playing in the snow

It's something I do. I admit it, I'm a snowbunny.

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So... About that.

The title image pretty much is all the clue you need, if you weren't already aware, that your humble author likes to play in the snow. Girl candy. Getting Lleyed (usually accompanied by getting laid), in love with the white girl, etc.

I got turned on to cocaine at a very young age. No details, but suffice it to say I was in no way ready for being given it by one of my dad's business partners so he could fuck me. Which he did, and to be honest, while not ideal, I'm not emotionally scarred or anything.

And at the time I fucking loved it. Sex was awesome, and sex coked off my sadly little tits was just heaven. I looked forward to every party.

Needless to say, he was eventually found out, and my dad went at him with a shovel, so that was that.

Except of course that I still loved cocaine, but now had no source of girl candy to sniff.

There must have been something about me, some needy air or whatever, because it was just a few months later that an older boy – him in college! My ass in junior high – who, long story short, invited me to a college party. Of course I went, nervous but excited to play with the adultish crowd.

Of course there was cocaine. I wouldn't mention it otherwise. He assumed it was my first time, I did nothing to claim otherwise. He got me lit. And fucked my brains out of course, I knew that was coming. He also introduced me to some college... Girls. Who also liked to play in the snow and once off their tits they were pretty much horny pussy for the taking, I suppose. They also were down to girl-kiss and play, sucking tits, etc., and I got included.

Which was when I discovered that I was totally full-on bisexual.

I kept close to that boy, having a bit of a crush and a lot of a liking for him getting me high. He even gave me some to take to school now and then and, wow, was class ever different then!

A couple of parties later, he got me really high. I mean that snow-blind feel better than anything but can't quite remember my name kind of high. And then I got passed around to a couple of his friends like a joint, which I vaguely remembered but had plenty of partygoers happy to remind me all about it.

At this point I was pretty much known to be down for anything once lit up. I really got into girls for a while, full-on lezzie me... Which is when I learned of another kink of mine.

(Is in white, highlight if you want to know.)

I really, really love girl's bums. Kissing, licking, fingering, you name it. I licked more bums than a porn starlet, probably. And doing booty bumps off them is still a favourite deviant kink of mine.

In any event, fast forward to me old enough to score for myself and dumb enough to keep at it. This was the early nineties, cocaine wasn't exactly a college party drug where I live, at least not that I knew.

I scored from strippers, partied with them, and on one wild night ended up on stage during amateur night. Coked to the gills, naturally, and nervous but excited and being encouraged...

At first I was totally clumsy and mortified. But as the clothes came off and the blow really hit me, I found myself really, really getting off on stripping for a crowd of strangers, mostly men. By the end, I was still clumsy, but I was also ass out, presenting, grinning and showing my taint to an audience I loved knowing wanted to plough my still youngish ass.

I didn't do any VIP rooms or anything. Just changing room or girl's potty for the next round of lines, etc.

How did I pay for it? I worked my heinie off. I had a talent for computers (Macintosh), being something of a total nerd and found companies and offices would actually pay quite well (not what I was worth, but still plenty, young girl tax I suppose). So I could actually afford my by then no question full-on addiction.

I've actually never fucked or sucked cock for cocaine. I've done so with some dealers ON cocaine, after, but no one I didn't want to fuck, or at least not object to when I spun down.

I have no problem with prostitutes, but I am also kind of attached to never having had to be.

Easy as, well, a lot and free? Definitely.

Anyhow. By my mid-thirties things were out of control. Ruined relationships, etc., the works, though somehow I never got caught at my work. (Well, at some places, like * there was so much of it going around I assume people just considered me part of the party pussy crowd. If you were hot, male or female, and down to party, I'll just say lots of expensive free lunches, long meetings in der CEO's office that involved much sniffing and little working, and after hours parties at his place or wherever that were pretty much where I got really introduced thoroughly to the whole group sex idea.

* by DL.

Which I took to like a fish to water.

But finally, I knew something needed doing. And I did. By carefully cutting back, giving myself a few party days (well, long weekends) but stringing myself out between them. Somehow, knowing that I WAS going to sniff myself to slutsville in (a week, ten days) actually worked. I could last as long as I knew I had my fun time coming.

And, now, years later, it's the same. Except, while I am being VERY self-aware when I say I'm not hooked (once an addict...) but I really don't crave, and once a month or so I have myself a long weekend, alone or with friends (I'm at an age where 'random strangers' is not so much my thing any more), lit and happy, horny and alert, easy pickings and fine with that (I am among safe people) and then sleep it off for another month.

(Yes, this is one of those weekends. I am so fucking lit right now, it's all I can do not to jill off or call a fuck friend and tell them it's an emergency...)

But I am very much functioning, healthy, and happy this way.

Now you know.

Also, my penchant to include it in my stories comes from a couple of motivations. Firstly, the stuff is pure sex to me, I totally associate it with pleasure, fucking, getting naughty etc. Secondly, for some reason I fins that writing about girls on it somehow keeps me at bay. I said I don't have cravings, which is true in the sense of full on cokehead cravings. But I do get itchy, and it helps to scratch it this way.

Porn with obviously coked-up and happy about it (as opposed to really fucked up and suffering) girls is also a major turn-on for me.

We don't choose our kinks.

And in a couple of months, late August I think... I am going to COLOMBIA.

Beaches, babes and blow. I may never come back.

🦄 🦋 🎱 🇨🇴 🎟 😻 🍌 💋 🎶 ⚢ ⚤

Go me! Email me if you're a local, or passing through around then. I plan to paint the towns red...

Probably going to get in SO much trouble, but I'm planning to love every minute of it. Tayrona beaches, Cartagena, Medellín, here I come...

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