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Sinful Siblings' College Party Play, An Erotic Short Story

· Hardcore,Kinks,Taboo,Erotica,Fantasies


‘Everyone wants to cum!’

Sigma Phi Sigma was the most prestigious of the exclusive little New England liberal arts college’s fraternities. And it’s most infamous.

The ΣΦΣ, as they were known around both the campus and the picturesque college town surrounding it, though rarely within its members’ hearing, had been established almost a century ago.

Over the years, it’s membership had produced many of the college’s most successful, well-known alumni, including several Senators or Congressmen and one Vice-Presidential candidate.

More recently ΣΦΣ had produced, in addition to its quota of political aspirants and Wall Street wolves, a famous and wildly successful Internet billionaire whose social media platform was often slyly referred to as Assbook, a nod to its reputation as an online hookup site.

None of which would be entirely surprising to anyone familiar with the ΣΦΣ’s inner circle, made up of a who’s who of New England’s sons of the oldest and wealthiest families.

The fraternity members took care to ensure that their public reputation remained respectable and did focus on academics and Greek life to a degree, around campus and the local community it was no secret that ΣΦΣ had a wilder side.

Their parties were legendary, often held at their fraternity house on campus, though certain debaucheries were carried out in and around town, in members’ families’ country houses or even in the wilds, when the weather permitted.

Those who attended were forbidden from speaking about what went on there, even the girls, many of whom rumoured to be more than a little friendly, maintaining this code of silence.

Likely for the sake of their reputation and future prospects.

Principally among them were the girls of the Phi Omega Psi, or ΦΩΨ, or more casually the Poppies, whose sisterhood was comprised largely of the daughters and sisters of ΣΦΣ. Their members and alumni scrupulously maintained the sorority’s impeccable reputation, but behind closed doors the girls could be every bit as wild and decadent as the boys.


All of which, truths and rumours alike, were no secret to the Halberstam family, nor their most recent scions, Jeff and Jess.


The youngest generation of the storied steel and finance dynasty had been raised in an environment of strict discipline, high expectations and extreme privilege.


Older brother and younger sister, there being a difference of almost four years between them, both had the ‘Halberstam’ look, as it was known locally, in spades – pale, clear complexions, vibrant blue eyes and thick, dark hair. Their posture, carriage, even the way they styles their hair and, of course, the clothes they wore reflected on their family name.


Both had been expected to participate in and excel at those extracurricular activities deemed appropriate; for Jeff that had included lacrosse, wrestling and student government; Jess’ free time had largely been spent learning horseback riding, swimming and ballet.


In both siblings’ cases, this diet of rigorous physical exercise, coupled with good genes in turn cultivated by generations of carefully-arranged marriages, had resulted in their being fit and trim, Jeff, at 6’1 having broad shoulders, sculpted frame and the sort of good looks, with his deep-set blue eyes and expressive, sensual mouth that made girls melt.


His sister was tall, at 5’9 and elegantly slender, yet blessed with the type of curves that had made other girls jealous and led many boys’ to let their imaginations wander. Her high, firm breasts, toned legs and round bum, coupled with flirty blue eyes and classically beautiful features had certainly kept her never lacking for potential suitors.


Naturally, when it came time to choose their undergraduate school, there had been little question as to which first Jeffrey, then Jessica would choose.


Nor had there been any doubt as to which Greek societies they would pledge.


Jeff, now in his Senior year, was much looked up to among his fraternity brothers in ΣΦΣ, involved in many aspects of its daily life, as well as being on the party planning committee.


More on that shortly…


Jess, just entering her Freshman year, had of course been courted by and pledged ΦΩΨas was expected of her. As an initiate Poppy she had been subjected to the usual hazing, the details of which would shock many on campus, just recently ‘earning her poppy’ as a full member of the sorority.


Typical of Greek life, certain fraternities and sororities were linked socially, hosting certain events together and many of their members dated, or hooked up, particularly for formals and, quietly, at parties where, while some girls chose to keep their v-cards, if not in spirit, sex was expected, both within and between the houses.


Sigma Phi Sigma’s parties were the stuff of legend and this weekend marked the first of the school year’s slate of affairs. As the first event over which Jeff helped preside, he had been determined to make a lasting first impression.


The theme was a classic toga party, hosted at the ΣΦΣ fraternity house, a three story, century-old mansion that had once belonged to the college’s founder. It had been hung festooned with colourful lengths of bunched cloth and hung with elaborate, openly erotic heirloom tapestries for the occasion, with the junior members’ rooms having been set aside as ‘public’ gathering places, beds made with fresh linens and all.

Everyone had been looking forward to the event since well before commencement, and the weekend had finally arrived.

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