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somehow I managed to sniff myself...

I have no idea how but this is before I forget so I remember not to...

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I really like to do drugs but I think I might have overdid it...

It's no secret I am a snowbunny. I like doing drugs. Because they're fun, not have to or feel sick. Learned my lesson long ago.

I have a friend who takes care of me too. I am allowed to do drugs on the fun time if I don't on the life time and I follow the rules.

I have to sleep if he tells me I am past my 'overstimulated bedtime' and I have to drink and have a bath and do basically what I am told. If I do I can otherwise be totally off my tits, having sex or masturbating or playing 'guess what I just thought next!?' at fast forward bimbo'd etc.

It works, but tonight was... Very weirdly not the usual.

I admit I got the clever idea of seeing how fast I could get blasted into pornstarlet type cocaine horny if I hit it really hard quick, not 'overdose' but definitely 'really stupid but drugs and he wasn't watching or anything so...'

I have no idea how long later, it felt like hours but knowing cocaine lasting probably less than one I realized I was totally cocaine horny-kinky but also totally like pothead 'soooo stoooned' mellow and hard to think and giggling that I was a bimbo and wait, this is totally the opposite of bright perky energizer bunny think I am so focused and thinking... You know, cokehead.

It finally passed my horizon 'wow, this is what girls who smoked crack meant when they said it was so dreamy and I was like 'not what I get from speeding through life' but this is... I don't smoke anything.

I sniffed myself to the 'all at once but just for a little' they say to 'all at once but not over quick?

Or did I fuck up my brain for good? If so it's OK, it's so relaxing and OH!!?

I was fucked wo...

... to be continued

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